robotics-driven imaging stations

EQUINE Diagnostics

the standing horse imaging solution

The true four dimensional imaging  solution

EQUINE standing neck scan

Equine and small animal diagnostics under true physiological loading

Our novel robotics-driven imaging device allows for the first time the error-free employment of spatial image fusion algorithms:


Image data from multiple modalities can, therefore, significantly enhance the diagnostic accuracy of musculoskeletal pathology.


The design and system architecture of the imagers presented here:



offers six imaging modules in one system :

  1. Planar stitch--Free Digital Radiography

  2. Tomosynthesis

  3. Biplane high speed (up to 10000 Frames per second (F/s) stereo-video-Fluoroscopy

  4. Panoramic imaging

  5. Cone Beam computed tomography (CBCT)

  6. Densitometry modules


Head and Neck scan of a standing horse: CT reconstruction and 360 accurate projections of the head scan before reconstruction.